Unilove Hug Me Plus Bassinet


Unilove Hug Me Plus Bassinet


Hug Me Plus 3-In-1 Bassinet is a high-quality sleep option – easily moved from room to room – and designed to give parents easy access from their own bed to reach and comfort their newborn during the night. You will love the comfort and fabrics. Included is the travel bag – The bassinet folds easily and doubles as your on-the-go nursery solution.

  • Suitable from birth to 20 pounds – discontinue use when infant shows signs of pulling up, rolling over, or pushing up to kneeling position.
  • Aluminum/Cotton
  • Machine Washable/Hang Dry

Weight: 25.5 LBS

Dimensions: 24.8 inches deep x 36.22 inches wide x 32.6 inches tall



Keeps Baby Sleeping Next To You No Matter Where You Go

Hug Me Plus 3-In-1 bedside sleeper provides a safe and stable environment for babies, allowing baby to comfortably sleep within parents’ reach. Suitable for sofas and adult beds. It’s easy to adjust the height and angles with the patented locking system from 12″ to 19.6″ (from the mattress to the ground).

3-In-1 Design

Easily switch between standalone bassinet, co-sleeping bassinet, and a travel cot

Eco-Friendly Space for Baby Comfort

Reinforcing the padded with 3D vertical cotton, we offer the most comfortable environment so the baby can fall asleep sooner before you notice it.

Air Free Windows

Both sides feature mesh windows to allow visibility and ventilation for baby

Safe and Easy Height Adjustment

6 different positions and inclined options

    • From bassinet mattress to the ground level 1 – 15.1″
    • From bassinet mattress to the ground level 2 – 16″
    • From bassinet mattress to the ground level 3 – 16.9″
    • From bassinet mattress to the ground level 4 – 17.8″
    • From bassinet mattress to the ground level 5 – 18.7″
    • From bassinet mattress to the ground level 6 – 19.6″


Extra Secure

The hooks of the mattress fixed to the nest support bar bring extra security and safety. The bassinet can safely support up to 30 pounds. The horizontal foot bar and the mattress support frame provide better stability and safety

Mobility for Safety Measures

4 wheels and brake system improve mobility

Necessity Dome Shape Mosquito Net

Keeps baby away from any bugs. (Sold separately)